Who is
Mary Canty Merrill?

Dr. Mary spent 30 years in the public, private, and non-profit sectors examining core issues, advising management and developing customized interventions to enhance organizational productivity, performance, efficiency and success. Today, as an independent consultant, professor, and passionate advocate for human and civil rights, she leverages her expertise and experiences to partner with organizations, groups, individuals, and communities to enact social change.

Dr. Mary is known for her ability to speak truth to power, her thought-provoking and engaging delivery, and no-nonsense interpersonal style. She inspires audiences and unleashes human potential through speaking engagements, targeted presentations, facilitated dialogue, and experiential learning while encouraging clients to use their unique experiences and authentic voice as an anchor to address root-causes and uncover viable solutions to problems and issues associated with Human Potential, Transgenerational Trauma, Grief & Loss, and Race Relations.

Dr. Mary Canty Merrill is the Founder & CEO of iLevelUp Consulting, LLC, a professional services firm based in the Greenville, South Carolina Metro Area. A lifelong learner, Dr. Mary enjoys an interdisciplinary educational background that includes a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration; a master’s degree in Human Resources Development; and a doctoral degree in Psychology, with an Industrial/Organizational specialization.



A Force to be Reckoned With

  • Psychologist
  • Professor
  • Speaker
  • Author
  • Provocateur
  • Warrior
  • World Traveler

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