Dr. Mary’s speeches and workshops have been well-received by audiences and groups across the country.

Leveraging her interdisciplinary background and experiences, she brings the best of what she’s learned to capture current reality and speak to a broad range of issues associated with personal power and peak performance, transgenerational trauma, grief and loss, and race relations.

Speaking Topics, Workshops & Webinars

Trauma, Grief & Loss

  • Transgenerational Trauma: Telling Our Stories, Saving Ourselves
  • Breaking the Cycle of Transgenerational Trauma
  • Lessons I’ve Learned from Trauma, Grief & Loss
  • Through the Fire: Understanding, Finding Meaning In & Coping with Trauma, Grief & Loss
  • Reinventing Yourself After Trauma, Grief & Loss
  • Grief is a Universal Phenomenon: Erasing Stigma as a Process for Healing

Personal Power & Peak Performance

  • The Gift of Discipline: Wake Up, Get Up, Shake Up & Level Up!!
  • I Didn’t Come to Play: Unleashing Latent Potential to Ignite Personal & Social Change
  • Personality, Presence & Power: Harnessing Inner Leadership for Challenging Times

Race Relations

  • It’s A New Day: From Non-Racist to Anti-Racist
  • Fragile White Women & Angry White Men
  • RaceTalk: Improving Race Relations to Reach Collective Impact
  • Racism & the Legacy of Trauma in Black, Indigenous & Communities of Color
  • Racism & the Legacy of Trauma in White Communities
  • So, You Think You’re Not Racist? Deconstructing the Condition of Whiteness
  • Self As An Instrument of Change: If Not Me, Then Who? If Not Now, Then When?
  • You Are What You Think: Beyond Scarcity & the Slave Mentality
  • Advocacy vs. Activism: There Really Is a Difference

These and other topics can be customized to speak to and/or address the unique needs of your organization, school, group or community.

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